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Personal logbook of Guillermo Cides.
The Silent Blog
Thank you for coming to this corner of the world.
You will only find obvious things and logical reasoning,
and half-truths: doubt is my ally.
27 Aug16:24
27 Aug16:24
About A.I.
me (OR HIM)

It depends on how you look at it—it’s me or sometimes the other person. Sometimes even no one, under the vain desire to be everyone at the same time, But no, I am just the same as always, writing in the solitude of my words that just come out like water, unstoppable words that come to the rescue to relieve our thirst to tell ourselves what we keep silent about.

What you are going to read is intimate, as is the music I play. It cannot be any other way: we musicians should be open reference books that we read from time to time to know that calm and desperation are not attributes of a few but of each and every one of us..