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Bitácora personal de Guillermo Cides


A simple, educated man with the perfect voice.


by Guillermo Cides

For fans of progressive rock, today we say goodbye to a part of history such as John Wetton, original member of bands like King Crimson, ASIA or UK among others, in addition to his career as a soloist. In my beginnings, I had the privilege of opening several of his concerts and sharing some planes and dressing rooms with his musicians. An experience that, as you can imagine, is the dream of any musician: to be able to play alongside those they admire. A simple, educated man with the perfect voice, John not only allowed this unknown musician with a strange instrument called Stick to be part of his tour but also to do it with the Stickistas Ensemble, a project that had never been done in Argentina until those days and of which we feel proud. Thank you, John, not only for your influential music but for letting us make our own.
Music, like history, will be eternal.


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