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Bitácora personal de Guillermo Cides


Breathe; there is still something to do.


By Guillermo Cides

When you are open to the universe, everything that happens has a meaning, a message: a drawing, a movie, someone’s face, a piece of land. The way you see the tree through a window. The innocent face of the one who fights, a seed that seeks to bury itself in your garden. The sun at 3:30 p.m., the taste of the food. Someone’s video; the exact chord at that moment in the song. The color of your room. The feeling of having slept well; a phrase that comes from somewhere. Someone’s laughter. The eyes of someone who forgives and the certainty of having known what you should have known, in time. The day without rain. Knowing that he will live a little longer. The moment of “Will: It is not your fault.” in the movie “Good Will Hunting.”
Breathe; there is still something to do.
And the day is sunny.


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