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Bitácora personal de Guillermo Cides


Art by Jeanette Damsma

…a place not yet contaminated by external cultures.


by Guillermo Cides

Silent Stick Tour

I write these notes from the green and wonderful Colombia, full of tropical vegetation, coffee plants, and rural houses with very kind, happy, and especially attentive people. We recently gave the first concert of the 35 that we will give between Colombia and Argentina. It was very special not only for my musicians and me, who began this musical journey on tour, but also for the organizers of the First Stick Week in Colombia, people who put their enthusiasm, effort, and enthusiasm into a “handmade” project. with dinners and lunches full of camaraderie, laughter, and new friends mixed with Stick classes and musical exchanges. Last night we also played for the first time with the first Colombian Stickista Ensemble that we created especially for this event. Nelson Aristizabal an excellent stick player and organizer, together with Alex Amaya – stick player and inventor of electronics for musicians, and his wife Paola Marin in charge of the perfect local organization, in addition to the musicians Ivan Bacares, Oscar Gonzalez , Chalo Cantor and the brilliant guitarist Angela Tapias, all of us worked to make a show that was the first of its kind in the world of Stick here.
About Colombia I can only say, if I may, that in general, there is a wrong idea of this country. The bad publicity of drug trafficking hides a green and colorful world, of very friendly people, and of traditions deeply rooted in a local musical and gastronomic culture—the meals are delicious, the landscapes are incredible, and the cities and towns look like movies in which one has had the opportunity. lucky to enter them for a moment, full of particularities, historical figures, and a color, sound, and smell so Colombian that they make this country a place not yet contaminated by external cultures.

Our “Silent Stick Tour” continues today, tomorrow, and so on all the time! Today we will be in Bogota, and then we will fly to Argentina, where we will continue reaping the best of fruits: the friendship that arises from music.


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