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Bitácora personal de Guillermo Cides


Art by Mariana Crottollini (Argentina)

Emotion is the attempt to become quantum entangled, not only with other beings.


by Guillermo Cides

It is not just a chemical process. I mean, yes, it is. But with one objective: to intertwine with the universe.
What sense would the “abstraction” of thought have? Or what is “contemplation” for? If it were for survival, learning to hunt would be enough. But nevertheless, we got excited. Emotion is the attempt to become quantum entangled not only with other beings but with the entire universe. When we make love, it’s not just hormones and endorphins at work: we communicate with atoms that are millions of light years away. We can access parallel universes. We can, for a second, understand the explosion at the beginning. Everything. Love is the connection with everything that surrounds us. But a real physical connection, not a romantic one.
No. I have not become new-age or mystical. It’s quantum theory. They are the theories “of everything”, which—what an irony—now coincide with religions, with the concept of a “creator” who does not have the form that religion tried to explain for centuries but who exists—although the term cannot be applied to an abstraction on a plane where time does not exist as such.
We have no idea how powerful we are. In our cells, in our atoms, and in our thinking is the ship to the beyond. There is the possibility of changing what we call “destiny”, which is neither more nor less than our thinking, conducted in a quantum world, to make it happen.
What a shame we’re only in 2019.


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