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Bitácora personal de Guillermo Cides


In 2006, I created a type of encounter that was quite unusual.


by Guillermo Cides

In 2006, I invented a type of meeting that was quite unusual. It consisted of a meeting of musicians who played the Stick, but the meeting had some peculiar characteristics: it was in a natural environment, there was no concept of teachers or students, everyone had to play at some point during the event, and both the event and the concerts did not highlight anyone in particular, but rather the group itself.
I organized 7 such European events that were truly music holidays. This idea of Stick Camp was later taken to the USA, Canada, France, and Italy.
Finally, together with Emmett Chapman, creator of Stick and director of Stick Enterprises Inc., we developed some basic principles that summarized the idea.
He left the letter that we sent to all the stickistas.


Letter shared with the stickistas of the world.

Stick Camp: a human and nature meeting to share the Chapman Stick.

Dear friends,

In recent years, Stick Camp events have become a gathering point for many members of the Stick community from around the world. Stick Camp was born in Spain in 2002, and with the help of Stick Enterprises, Inc., we began organizing events in harmony with nature.

The concepts and objectives evolved over the years since 2002 with excellent events, including the historic European Stick Camp on the island of Mallorca for 40 musicians from different parts of the world.

Personally, I am proud that this innovative and pioneering idea is now established in a way that showcases not only our music but also our friendship beyond borders.

Together with Emmett Chapman, we developed a simple statement of goals and philosophy about Stick Camp that we want to share with everyone:

– An event for musicians who play the Chapman Stick.

– An event in harmony with nature and music.

– An event where musicians share knowledge spontaneously and everyone can learn and teach freely.

– An event that does not aim to highlight any particular musician but rather gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves through live concerts.

– An event that we hope will be an excuse for musicians to reconnect with their own music and the Stick.

We want our community and Stick music to continue growing each year, as well as the next generation of stickistas.

Guillermo Cides
Director of Stick Center

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