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Bitácora personal de Guillermo Cides


The very first stick concert in Argentina.

‘History describes what has happened. Poetry what might.” Aristotle said.

Today I need to see that first day that marked my starting point. It was Friday, December 4, 1992. I see it with the curiosity of someone who discovers a secret in a trunk and opens it slowly, knowing that those old papers still contain the secrets of the future within their lines.

A lot of water ran down the river from those first chords in “Nativo” bar, in the middle of Corrientes avenue in a humid and anxious Buenos Aires. Concerts, trips and a world full of stories were overflowing with the poetry of what later became my musical life with my old friend: the Stick. Albums, tours, more musicians, Stick school, Stick Camp, festivals in strange countries with fun languages. All still resonating in the waves made in the water by that “First Stick Concert” that was offered in Argentina on December 4, 1992.

A single musician standing in front of nowhere. An audience that had never seen that way of making music. A question in the air that was unraveled in each song that day and answered, to the public and the musician at the same time, that it was possible to do something different, something new, something never done before.
Musician and audience alone in front of the story, contemplating now how the notes traveled for the first time alone into the future. Without direction, without owner, without intention, like stars in an unknown universe existing for the sole reason of existing.

Friday, December 4, 1992. The day that The Inner World of Planets began and with it, the last journey, the longest, the most wonderful, the most interminable journey: the one of music with the Stick.


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