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Bitácora personal de Guillermo Cides


Art by Mariana Crottollini (Argentina)

Discover that no one can hurt you.
To drink.
Know that you helped.


by Guillermo Cides

The silence of the sunflowers.
The whisper of air in the ear.
The slow filling of the bowls in the rain.
A smile.
The winter sun on the face.
The moment in the movie when they meet again.
Your daughter saying that she loves you.
Every leaf and that song.
Your friend laughing with you.
Wake up calmly.
The hour before going to that party.
Your hand in the garden soil.
It has finally arrived.
Know that there is still time.
Come back calmly.
A cat that loves you.
Say thank you, without shame.
The moment you arrive at your destination.
Discover that no one can hurt you.
To drink.
Know that you helped.
Make love with happiness.
That’s all we do and what we were born to do: capture beauty with a beauty catcher that doesn’t exist.
To see it with the invisible eye that opens for a second and closes to fix that moment. Indelible. Fleeting.
That’s why we came—to capture the beauty that escapes us between the fingers of water.
Without that, it’s not worth it.
Without that, we would just be the eyes. The camera.
The bed, the indifference, the drink, the pool.
We would be the weapon, the route, leaving, a leash.
Stay, thirst, the clock, a bell and a glove.
We would get bored. Asleep and angry, without tree leaves or songs.
We would be in silence, in disagreement. Shadow and gloom.
We would drown, never hearing the sunflowers.


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